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Help for the Andes Foundation 

Help for the Andes Donates Surgical Beds - January 2017 
In collaboration with the Community of Villa Alemana and the support of the International Aid Organization, the Help for the Andes Foundation donated two surgical beds to the community Health center of Villa Alemana.  

​Supporting Community Health & Well-being - December 2016
A 20-foot container full of medical equipment, wheelchairs, beds and walking frames was donated to the Community of Santa María to benefit low income individuals and individuals with special needs. ​


Token of Friendship & Solidarity - September 2016
Help for the Andes and the Order of Malta in Switzerland donates a power generator to the Community of Juan Fernandez (Isla Robinson Crusoe) Fifth Region.

Gloves Donated - July 2016
The Help for the Andes Foundation together and in collaboration with the Orden de Malta in Switzerland donates a full 40F container with disposable gloves to help the work of the caregivers of the Fundacion Las Rosas in Chile. 

Imagining a World with Health for All
On December 12,  Universal Health Coverage Day, the Help for the Andes Foundation hosted awareness and transformative health events in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso for hundreds of families residing  in heartbreaking living conditions.

Dr. Frank Cirisano's visit to Chile - Transforming outlooks - December,  2015
Conferences and Medical visits for Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer in Women - December 2015 to aim to reduce preventable death in women. 

Christmas Cheer for over 750 Peruvian children in Chile

The Help for the Andes Foundation in collaboration with the Consulate of Peru in Chile and Scotiabank made possible the Children Christmas Event  of the Year at Santuario del Padre Hurtado for 750 Peruvian children in vulnerable condition. The Children enjoy a musical party with clowns. They received toys, gifts and snacks. Without the support of these institutions we could not have been able to perform this activity.

​The Help for the Andes Foundation invited Dr. Patch Adams to meet with various doctors and authorities of the Hospital Clinico and the Facultad de Medicina of the Universidad de Chile - October 23, 2015
 Patch shared with the Doctors the importance of the teaching of compassion. He is designing the world’s first curriculum for loving kindness and compassion in health care.  See Video

​The Help for the Andes foundation will be participating in the Universal Health Coverage Day 2015  - See UHC day Flyer 

PREVENTION and EARLY DETECTION of Women's Cancer Seminar - October 2015
The Help for the Andes Foundation together with the University of Viña del Mar and the Vamos que se Puede Foundation are pleased to announce a  PREVENTION and EARLY DETECTION of Women's Cancer Seminar. 

Global Solidarity Response -June 2015
The Help for the Andes Foundation in partnership with Project Cure, Foundation Belen 2000 and the World Health Organization makes possible the delivery of donated medical supplies and equipment to the Ministry of Health in Palestine for hospitals enduring a severe lack of healthcare provisions.

 This contribution, valued at US $500,000, goes to alleviate the suffering of more than 10,000 patients, many among them children.

Renovation of a Coronary Care Unit during the month of December, 2014 

We are proud to announce the donation given of a Cardiac Care Unit Equipment for the benefit of the patients at Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile.

Geriatric Care

Jessica Zuo a medical Student from the Harvard University developed a passion for working with seniors. She says, "People need the human touch of someone that cares".

Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile

Working together with Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile to improve lives and expand opportunities in South America - Chile 2013. 

Training in rural areas

The Women's Cancer Care Fund, July 2013 medical mission to Peru, a join venture with Help for the Andes Foundation was a huge success.

Nurse assistant certification for 44 students.
On May 2nd after the completion of the 6-month studies which includes 240 pedagogic hours, 44 immigrant students received their Nurse Assistant Certification. ​read more

​​Improving the quality of life of Patients - 07 Aug 2011 - The Help for the Andes Foundation is proud to inform that a 40’ container full of 50 Electric Hospital Beds has been donated this month to “Complejo Asistencial de Salud” in Santiago, Chile - Sur Oriente. read more
Successful visit of Dr. Patch Adams to Valparaíso
25 Nov 2011 - Dr. Patch Adams' message of love and compassion during his "Alegría de Cuidar" (Joy of Caring) conferences had a big effect on students, professionals, authorities and the general public.

Education & Career Openings for Women of the Andes
Training Program for 1,200 women of very limited resources. It's amazing the way education can change someone's life! read more
​Facilitating public private partnership to accomplish community goals
07 Aug 2011 - Chilean Residents in Australia make a significant donation to the fishermen of the San Antonio port. read more
 The "Human Touch", brings Gustavo Zerbino Stajano, survivor of the tragedy of the Andes, to share his experiences that still impact the world.  

On April 23rd, in the city of Valparaíso, and in collaboration with the Valparaíso National Seniors' Services and Caja Los Andes, G. Zerbino will give a Conference about "The Meaning of Life and Leadership". read more

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