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Help for the Andes Foundation 

​We are constantly expanding to take on new challenges. But as our programs grow, so does our understanding of just how much work there is to do. We can't do it alone; we need your support. We extend our gratitude to supporters like you, without you we would not be able to continue our work.

Partnership - Emergency Response

On an international level we extended our help to the war-torn territories of the Middle East. We also helped coordinate professional medical assistance free of charge for the poorest inhabitants of Peru, reaffirming that our organization has no limits in its efforts to support the underprivileged.

​Help for the Andes Foundation in partnership with Medshare, Project Cure and the Cancer Women Care Fund, has sponsored  containers of medical equipment, medical supplies, and biomedical equipment to various hospitals and health services in Peru, Bethelehem and Palestine, in an effort to provide care to the suffering ones.

These supplies, which include also orthopedic products are destined to the low-resourced health services, and are distributed directly to them, to be used to aid those in need of attention.The medical supplies donated through our partnership have a profound impact on various hospitals that did no have the means to meet the urgent needs for their patients.

Our volunteers have worked to aid those in need, coordinating medical support for the hospitals in crisis zones, as well as distributing food, household supplies, clothing, shoes, linen, towels, shirts, diapers, fleece thermal blankets, educational books, etc.

In Chile 2 million people were affected by the earthquake and tsunami which shook the entire country on February 27th 2010. Since that day, our Foundation has provided medical supplies, equipment and hospital beds. We have formally turned over and installed a total of 600 electric beds in public hospitals, health and social services.

Furthermore, the earthquake and tsunami in Chile left fishing ports and coastal communities devastated. Many fishing communities have had all their infrastructure, houses and boats destroyed, while seaside towns have been deeply affected.

So, in a joined effort with Australian and Chilean Government Institutions, our Foundation directed its efforts towards building a fishing port, a multi-site, comprising the fishermen and their unions in the coastal area of San Antonio, 5th. Region. With this construction, we were able to improve the environment in which 30 fishermen work, and as such, benefit the entire community of San Antonio. The first floor of the headquarters includes a warehouse for fishermen to work in, while the second floor includes an area for the development of trade union activities.

Above all, this initiative will provide aid in the development of fisheries, for the benefit of the fishermen and their families who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Special thanks to everyone involved who helped make this donation possible.