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Help for the Andes Foundation 

The Help for the Andes Foundation together and in collaboration with the Orden de Malta in Switzerland donates a full 40 f. container with disposable gloves to help the work of the caregivers of the Fundacion Las Rosas in Chile. 
The Fundacion Las Rosas host, feeds and keeps company to  2200 people, most of them over an average of 80 years old and living in 30 homes along the country.
People in Chile are aging more and more every day. The number of elderly will continue to grow and this needs our attention, love and support.

"The glove is dignity in service, hygiene and respect for the resident and the caregiver -

El guante es dignidad en el servicio, higiene y respeto por el residente y la cuidadora.

Andrés Ariztía Pbro. Capellan de la Fundacion Las Rosas".

Gloves Donated - July 2016

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