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The Human Touch

​The primary purpose of The Human Touch initiative is to hold workshops and seminars geared towards academics, professionals, students and  personnel of local hospitals, orphanages, rural schools, volunteer and rehabilitation centers, etc. as well as those social groups they assist. The teachings of The Human Touch program are based on love and compassion.

The workshops are also designed to encourage, motivate and challenge those who sacrificially labor in the medical institutions, and offer supplementary assistance to those under their care.  

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Such institutions provide services for the handicapped and underprivileged, yet many of them lack the appropriate resources to carry out their jobs, and their employees often work under very difficult and stressful circumstances.

How will this initiative solve this problem?

Through a series of dynamic and practical seminars, discussions and workshops, The Human Touch counselors and Psychologists assist, inspire and instruct the participants, motivating them to establish concrete methods to overcome the difficulties surrounding interpersonal communication as well as equipping them to better cope with the complex environment they live and labor in.

Furthermore, The Human Touch provides reading and audiovisual material that stimulates individual and collective reflection. Together with the workshops, these teaching aids constitute a handbook of information for working positive behavioral changes over an extended period of time. The workshops are held under the direction of a minimum of two instructors, for groups comprising a maximum of 30 participants at a time. In some cases, they will require the participation of two or more assistants and a sound technician. 

Some of the themes are:

   Keys to Good Communication

   Secrets to Success in Human Relations

   How to achieve positive changes

   Make a difference

The presentations include a variety of teaching aids such as video clips, power point animated slides and overhead projections, as well as motivational games, music, skits, activities, real life testimonies, storytelling, behavioral tests, etc.

We are constantly expanding to take on new challenges. But as our programs grow, so does our understanding of just how much work there is to do. We can't do it alone; we need your support. We extend our gratitude to supporters like you, without you we would not be able to continue our work.