​Uplifting humanity

Help for the Andes Foundation 

For more than twenty years the Help for the Andes Foundation has been working on implementing programs in health and education to improve the quality of life of those in need. The perceived need becomes our opportunity.

Our foundation has demonstrated exceptional solidarity with the world's poor and shared the responsibility for ensuring that we work to implement our programs in the most effective way.

Help for the Andes Foundation operates on an international level. The Foundation’s leadership, with vast experience in social work, brings a broad range of talents to the organization. Together with our staff, and in collaboration with other nonprofit international entities, we have developed diverse strategies designed to strengthen communities and organizations, and to promote the well-being of humanity throughout the Andes region.

​In 2009, the Help for the Andes Foundation was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations by the ECOSOC. With this status the Foundation is permitted to send representatives to participate in meetings of ECOSOC and subordinate bodies, make statements, submit reports and other materials, and establish cooperative work relations with departments, programs and agents specialized in specific themes of the United Nations.

​Our Foundation does not make distinctions based upon race, gender, creed, religion, political beliefs or social class.

Our Efforts

Our desire is to bridge the gaps of miscommunication between individuals through education, creating a better world to live in. In our various programs we have, throughout many years now, promoted this goal.  

In the area of health care we also wish to close the gaps between patients and staff, creating a more effective working relationship and improving service. We have also been able to provide essential medical supplies in areas where there was little or no equipment available.

In the last few years, in collaboration with other international organizations, the Help for the Andes Foundation has donated various containers of medical supplies and equipment in different communities of Chile, such as San Bernardo, San Miguel, La Florida, Rancagua, Valparaiso, Temuco, Punta Arenas and Isla de Pascua.

​We have delivered a number of containers carrying electric hospital beds and other medical equipment, which we also installed, to benefit the health services in various regions of Chile, reaching even the Antarctic region.

Our volunteers have worked throughout the country aiding those in need, including helping those affected by the 2010 earthquake and tsunami, to find some measure of normalcy in their lives after the tragedy which shook the entire country. Many are still in desperate need of help and attention. Our Foundation has made it its primary goal to reach as many as possible of those--adults and children alike--who are still in need of aid, as well as to collaborate by any means with the reconstruction of the country and of the lives of its inhabitants.

​On an international level we extended our help to the war-torn territories of the Middle East. We also helped coordinate professional medical assistance free of charge for the poorest inhabitants of Peru, reaffirming that our organization has no limits in its efforts to support the underprivileged.

Help for the Andes Foundation projects and programs have conducted extensive community development workshops, services, humanitarian aid and social action activities at a variety of organizations.

​Actual value of donations given up to 2015: approximately $5,000,000 U.S. dollars.

 Who We Are