​Uplifting humanity

Help for the Andes Foundation 

Education & Career Openings for Women of the Andes

Our Training Program has given a chance for a better life with academic education to a total of 1.200 women migrants of very limited resources. It's amazing the way education can change someone's life!

"I was told they would inspire me when asked to teach this class and found that to be so true. Everyone involved in these student's lives should be proud of their accomplishments" stated Josefina Manzo, Instructor.

Rosita Raffo, President of the Help for the Andes Foundation, also seemed amazed by this group of students, stating: "The limited opportunities of women in societies restrict their aptitude to improve economic conditions and access services to enhance their well-being. These women who are studying have come from very poor families, and have moved from the concentrated poverty of some inner rural neighborhoods to better places. They and their families have been able to attend better schools, with more resources and more advantaged peers who might be models for hard work and higher achievement"