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Help for the Andes Foundation 

We are constantly expanding to take on new challenges. But as our programs grow, so does our understanding of just how much work there is to do. We can't do it alone; we need your support. We extend our gratitude to supporters like you, without you we would not be able to continue our work.

We are extremely grateful to all of you who have made donations to our organization. The power of philanthropy is driven by a collection of actions that creates lasting change. 

The Help for the Andes Foundation is seeking private donations, corporate gifts, and grants for the development of our programs and projects. 

You can create awareness about our programs and plans and find organizations or individuals who are interested in helping us. People can donate funds, lands, or other materials to our projects.

Fundación Help for the Andes
RUT: 65.076.990-2
Currency: CLP – Chilean Peso
Account Number: E-455946-01 
Banco Security, Chile


Fundación Help for the Andes
Currency: USD – US Dollar
Account Number: 5-0455946-55
Banco Security, Chile
Swift Code (Security): BSCLCLRM

Support a project at its initial stage:

A Project of Sustainable Development will emphasize the following: appreciate the wonders of the land and people, respect and preserve the achievements of the past, and count on sufficient food for a healthy and productive life.

If you interested in partnering or helping with this project which is at its initial stage of development you can write us at: info@helpfortheandes.org