​Uplifting humanity

Help for the Andes Foundation 


From November 2020 to March 2021

The Help for the Andes Foundation and Juan Manuel Rosas Raffo continue with their three-year program of wheelchair donations in a long-term commitment with the Free Wheelchair Mission organization.

Persons with disabilities who need continuous human companionship are being the most affected during the Pandemic, and this donation of wheelchairs is the sole transportation for these individuals.

Help for the Andes Foundation thanks the cooperation of Dr. Patricio Mardonez and the volunteers who delivered this donation to hospitals and health centers of the vulnerable population in Chile: Barros Lucos, Ezequiel Gonzales Cortez, JJ Aguirre, Anestimagen, Lucio Cordoba, Roberto del Rio, Republica University Elderly Health Center and North Health Services.

These establishments were grateful for receiving this supply of chairs because they did not have the funds available for this additional help.