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Global Solidarity Response -June 2015
The Help for the Andes Foundation in partnership with Project Cure, Foundation Belen 2000 and the World Health Organization makes possible the delivery of donated medical supplies and equipment to the Ministry of Health in Palestine for hospitals enduring a severe lack of healthcare provisions.

 This contribution, valued at US $500,000, goes to alleviate the suffering of more than 10,000 patients, many among them children.

Renovation of a Coronary Care Unit during the month of December, 2014 

We are proud to announce the donation given of a Cardiac Care Unit Equipment for the benefit of the patients at Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile. Read More

The Human Touch with Dr. Patch Adams

Help for the Andes brings Dr. Patch Adams to Chile once again- August, 2014. Read More

Geriatric Care

Jessica Zuo a medical Student from the Harvard University developed a passion for working with seniors. She says, "People need the human touch of someone that cares". Read More

Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile

Working together with Hospital Clínico Universidad de Chile to improve lives and expand opportunities in South America - Chile 2013. Read More

Training in rural areas

The Women's Cancer Care Fund, July 2013 medical mission to Peru, a join venture with Help for the Andes Foundation was a huge success. Read More

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Dr. Patch Adams in Valparaíso (video)

Help for the Andes serves the needy and promotes policy changes to help vulnerable people."

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Consultive Status

During the year of 2009, the Help for the Andes Foundation was granted Special Consultative Status by the ECOSOC of the United Nations. Consultative status with ECOSOC matters. It gives civil society access to nearly all intergovernmental processes at the UN dealing with economic and social development, gender issues, sustainable development, small arms and human rights.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Rosetta Foundation, Project Cure, Assist International, Chile BCI Bank, Notable Films, and all of you donors for your support towards our educational and health Projects during the year 2014 and 2015.

 Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities through focusing on programs that strengthen organizations, reinforce networks of communication and increase knowledge.