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Help for the Andes serves the needy and promotes policy changes to help the vulnerable

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Help for the Andes Foundation is seeking funding to be able to sponsor more than 100 families in the 5th Region of Chile, Valparaiso who need housing but do not have adequate resources at their disposal.  

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​Kids with amazing musical talents on the Island of Chiloe December 2018
Thanks to the support of Hungry for Music and the collaboration of Dr. Patricio Mardonez, the Help for the Andes were able to donate unique musical instruments to the children of the music school of Chiloe.

Towards a More Compassionate and Healthy Society December 2017
Help for the Andes brings Dr. Patch Adams for conferences and visits with the academic community including the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile and their Nursing Department as well as to the Centro Anestimagen of San Miguel. 

Loving-kindness to improve healthcare services - December 2017 

Dr. Path Adams returns to Chile this month to promote love and create positive changes in healthcare services, seeking to restore health systems and communities through compassion and

loving- kindness.

Medical Equipment donated to help children with disabilities  - September 2017

Help for the Andes contributed with a large donation of materials and medical supplies for the use of 195 children and young people with  disabilities at the Pequeno Cottolengo in Rancagua.

Towards a more compassionate world- April 2017
Recently our help reached those at the Santa Maria – San Felipe communities who have been displaced by homelessness, disadvantaged by poverty, and hurt by disasters.This is bringing change to those who desperately need help. 

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Consultative Status

During the year of 2009, the Help for the Andes Foundation was granted Special Consultative Status by the ECOSOC of the United Nations. Consultative status with ECOSOC matters. It gives civil society access to nearly all intergovernmental processes at the UN dealing with economic and social development, gender issues, sustainable development, small arms and human rights.


Special Thanks

Special thanks to International Aid, Assist International, Project Cure, MedShare, Notable films, Orden de Malta, Gesundheit Institute and all of you who have supported our Mission!

 Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities through focusing on programs that strengthen organizations, reinforce networks of communication and increase knowledge. 

​Uplifting humanity