Our Work

The Help for the Andes Foundation has worked throughout the years to bring forth positive change in the lives of people in various communities of Chile and Peru, by expanding educational opportunities, social development, resilience, and medical development.

The United Nations campaign to eradicate poverty has motivated our team to take action in support of the millennium development goals: advancement of women, financing for development, social development and sustainable development.

Our foundation has conducted extensive community development workshops, services, social action activities and humanitarian aid at a variety of organizations. These include:

  • "El Trampolín" educational center

  • Foundation "Niño y Patria" of the "Carabineros de Chile" (the Chilean Police Force)

  • Chilean Red Cross

  • Rehabilitation center for children with down syndrome "Red Cross"

  • Charity dining halls "Vida Optima"

  • Drug Rehabilitation Home "Casa de Acogida La Esperanza"

  • "Hogar Santa Clara" for those affected with HIV/AIDS

  • Home for the elderly "Santa Verónica"

  • Orphanages "Sagrado Corazón" and "Ciudad del Niño"

  • "Hospital Pedro Aguirre Cerda"

  • "Hogar de Niñas Laura Vicuña in Los Vilos"

  • Missionary Communities "La Familia"

  • Southern Steps Villarrica and Mapuche communities

  • Hospital Parroquial de San Bernardo

  • Hogar Santa Mónica

  • National Library of Santiago for the Blind

  • Hospital Al Hussein Beit Jala

  • Hospital Fusat in Rancagua

  • Hospital Regional de Punta Arenas

  • Servicio de Salud de Magallanes

  • Fundación Creando Futuro

  • Instituto Profesional Carlos Casanueva

  • Hospital Sotero del Rio

  • Sanatorio Cajón del Maipo

  • Hospital Roberto del Rio

  • "Vamos que se puede" Senador Francisco Chahuán

  • SENAMA Valparaíso

  • Fundación Sagrada Familia de Maipú

Help for the Andes Foundation 

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